Hello Friends,

A long-held dream of mine has come to life! We are launching my latest poetry video, "Dancing Lesson," directed by Brad Cooper, featuring music by Brad Cooper and Atom Smith and choreography by Jhon Gonzalez, as well as a bevy of glorious dancing soul sis-stars. I am thrilled to let you know that the video has been nominated in multiple categories as well as being awarded Curator's Choice in the Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival! It's time to go live. 

It is my dream to get this video seen by as many people as possible...I believe we can spread a little light in the darkness! For my birthday, let's do an experiment with Thunderclap. It is a safe and powerful way to use social media to really explode a message. Think it of as an online flash mob. It's been used by campaigns for the Obama Administration as well artists like Lady Gaga, so I figure it's good enough for me. Will you help make my birthday wish come true? Let's Thunderclap my birthday!

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Rachel's latest video, "Dancing Lesson," directed by Brad Cooper, has just been nominated
multiple categories and is a Curator's Choice in the 2017 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival!

Here's an episode of  "Out with Rachel" featuring the inspiring Reb Mimi Feigelson. More info here.

Cosmic Carrot Love Army is totally a thing! Enlist!

Oh, hi! "High" by Rachel Kann, live from Nerdcon: Stories

Mermaid Esther: An Astonishing Fire. Directed by Brad Cooper.
Shortlist and Curator's Choice: Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival.


Here's the archive of KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic​ episode where they play my poetry performance with DaKAH Hip Hop Orchestra. My section starts at 03:00. Thank you to Leigh Ann Hahn!

Two dreams come true: To be the first poet to do a Hevria Session, and to collaborate with filmmaker (and fellow Hevrian,) Saul Sudin. 

Talk about Divine Collaboration! Check out this piece from Rivki Silver! I love it!

On Hevria: Suicide/Gracenote. I offer it to you. You're not alone. Xo

Here's a live performance of Hevria Piece: "That Kind of Jew"

Photo by Tess.Lotta ©2014 Tess Lotta photo/graphics 
*From her visionary series, The Eve Mandate: Eve Freak



Photography by Sarit Z. Rogers of Sarit Photography for #LoveMore

I am awfully excited to let you know about HEVRIA created by 
Pop Chassid Elad Nehorai. I am a resident writer and I am 
in extraordinary company. Check out the roster and find out 
more here.

From Elad himself:
"Hevria is a combination of the words "Hevreh" and "Bria" in
Hebrew, which mean "group of friends" and "creation." 

We are a group devoted to spreading the idea of positive
in a spiritual context. We want to make this world
beautiful. And we want you to join us."

Here's my debut post, "That Kind of Jew" — I offer it with love.



The Agape International Spiritual Center service that I performed my poetry in
is streaming online. Free! Watch the entire service for mind blowing from Sheila 
, Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, Rickie BB, and more! And here's
my poetry performance in a standalone vid. Enjoy!


KCET featured me in a lovely writeup on poetry by L.A. treasure, Mike Sonksen.


There's this awesome new site called the hit life, dedicated to exploring a life off
the charts. I'm featured there. Check it out. Thanks for the love, the hit life!


10 FOR EVERYTHING is back by popular demand! It's on this list of must-reads
put forth by GirlieGirl Army. Thanks, GGA!


#ComeOut FEATURED ON GIRLIEGIRL ARMY! I am a GGA Superfan! Stoked.


Welcome to Night Vale is an AMAZING podcast. It's so cool. It's Lake Wobegoth.
That's reductive, but I mean it in the most complimentary way, just to give some 
context. It's beyond. I discovered it when my poem, I Know This, was featured as
he weather report on 
Episode 10: Feral Dogs. Now, I am addicted. Start at the beginning,
listen to them all. Obsess.